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The Role of Jib Crane Manufacturers in the Automobile Industry

July 26, 2017

Jib Cranes – An Overview

Jib cranes are used primarily used indoors for lifting and moving around weights on the factory floor or in the inventory. However, they can also be used outdoors, for the quick and economic lifting of weights. Jib crane manufacturers offer both, portable and fixed jib cranes depending upon the requirements of the clients. The Jib crane design is one of the most unique amongst all material manufacturing equipment, and they can be used in multiple places for numerous purposes. Jib cranes manufacturers in India manufacture a wide range of Jib cranes with load carrying capacities varying from 100 Kg to 10 Tonnes, with spans ranging from 5 to 30 feet. Jib cranes are also available in various configurations and fittings depending upon the requirements of the clients.

Application of the Jib Cranes in Automobile Industry

Jib cranes are used extensively in workshops, automobile industries, automotive ancillary industries, piping industries, packaging industries and so on. Jib cranes are usually used to move around loads which are too heavy to be lifted by human beings. For example, in automobile industries, the jib cranes are often used on the assembly lines to lift heavy parts like the engine and set them on the frame. Jib cranes also find immense usage in inventory management, in warehousing and packaging unit of automobiles, over and above using them on the assembly lines and manufacturing plants. Hence, Jib Cranes practically act as a machine that makes assembling easier and faster, while also directly impacting inventory and warehouse management as well.

Meeka Machinery – Customized Jib Crane Manufacturers

Meeka Machinery is one of the top Jib crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad and Jib crane suppliers in India which offers customised solutions for material handling equipment. Meeka Machinery has a specialized design department which employs the latest technology to offer the best customised solutions for Jib cranes. Not just in Ahmedabad, Meeka Machinery is one of the top customised solution provider and is one of the largest Jib cranes – manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. This means that Meeka Machinery is constantly redefining the standards of development in industries such as the automobile industry by catering to its varying needs. Jib cranes can be customized on the basis of the types of loads that they can carry, as well as the extent of their load-carrying capacity. This enables automobile manufacturers to utilize the same machine for different needs as well as at different places in the assembly line and the manufacturing unit as a whole.

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