Warehousing transformation through the use of Double girder EOT cranes

July 26, 2017

Double Girder EOT Cranes – an overview

Double girder cranes are used, primarily inside a building to lift and move heavy loads from one place to another. As the name suggests, the double girder EOT cranes have two parallel guiderails, also called bridges, to support the weight of the lifted load. The double girder crane offers the capability to lift heavy-duty objects which cannot be lifted using bridge cranes or single girder cranes. The double girder construction ensures that the weight is distributed equally between the two girders, thereby enhancing the load carrying capacity of the cranes.

The application of double girder EOT cranes in warehousing

Double girder EOT cranes find numerous applications across a wide range of industries. Most of the industries utilize double beam cranes or double girder cranes within their warehouse, where lifting and moving heavy materials from one place to another is the key element of focus. Since the double girder cranes find a wide range of applications, double girder EOT crane suppliers and double girder overhead cranes manufacturers in India often offer a wide range of material handling solutions to meet the varying requirements of the different industries. Some of the main ways in which double girder EOT cranes are transforming the warehousing segment of numerous industries include the following aspects:

  • Equipped with proper safety regulations, double girder EOT cranes offer workers the chance to deal with heavy loads without having to jeopardize their own lives
  • These cranes ensure proper lifting and handling of a wide range of pallet racks, owing to their customizable hook and hoist mechanisms
  • The immense flexibility of the hoist mechanism of the crane as well as the overall stability offered by the twin girders allow the crane to lift loads at different levels of height as well as varying types of loads
Customized solutions by Meeka Machinery

Meeka Machinery is the top double girder EOT crane manufacturer and offers customised solutions for material handling equipment. It employs knowledgeable design engineers, who use world-class design software packages like solid edge to design double girder EOT cranes according to the requirements of the clients. Meeka Machinery offers customization of the span of the double girder bridge, the lifting height of the hoist, as well as the load bearing capacity of the cranes. Meeka Machinery also offers standard size overhead OET double girder cranes in Ahmedabad with fixed load bearing capacity ranging from as low as 2.5 tonnes to 250 tonnes with varying spans.

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