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Top 10 Mistakes Made by EOT Crane Manufacturers

November 7, 2017

What is an EOT Crane?
EOT Cranes, which are also known as “bridge cranes” are electrically operated by an operator cabin or a control pendant attached to it. Their hoists are mounted on a bridge that travels the gap between two parallel runways built at the two ends of the machine. With high loading capacities and the ability to travel in both directions, EOT cranes are divided in two main categories – Single Girder EOT Cranes and Double Girder EOT cranes. These cranes are used in warehouses, stock grounds of industrial and mining enterprises.

Safety is the most important concern, and still, some EOT crane suppliers neglect the core fundamental elements while manufacturing one – which results in some major mistakes.

Mistakes Made by EOT Crane Manufacturers


Loading: EOT crane companies usually don’t provide a proper safety factor or a signal for indicating overload. Those are installed only in some parts of the crane, and not the whole crane.


Upper Limit Switch: This is built to prevent the potential dangerous collision of drum and the hook assembly. EOT crane manufacturers don’t usually maintain proper distance required to build the switch, so that while lifting a load, potential hazards due to collision are avoided.


Secondary Braking: Secondary braking is built to hold the load, in case the primary brake fails due to overheating or power failure. However, instead of that, some EOT crane suppliers provide a regenerative brake which doesn’t always hold the load in case of primary brake failure.


Reverse Button: These are only efficient for mechanically operated cranes. Instead of the reverse button, motor braking is now installed for electric cranes which require just a soft pull. However, some EOT crane suppliers still provide reverse plugging, which is a primitive technology in the modern world.


Hoist Movement: This should be as smooth as possible. However, most EOT crane manufacturers don’t provide lugging circuit and anti-circuit for long and cross travelling.


Emergency Switch: These should be installed at both corners. However, some manufacturers only install at one corner, without proper indicator on the lamp.


Controllers and Contractors: Interlocking of all the major controllers is very important for avoiding short circuit. However, EOT crane suppliers usually don’t provide interlocking of starter controllers and reverse contractor.


Warning Horns: These are more important than emergency switches. However, some horns or bells aren’t properly audible to the people at the ground level.


Insufficient Room in Operating Cabin: Many EOT crane manufacturers don’t provide sufficient room in the cabin, for all the equipment – making them dangerously close to the operator.


Meeka Machinery Provides the Safest Equipments
Fact File: cranes aren’t really a good fit for a combustible, explosive or corrosive environment and the required working temperature should be strictly between 20oC to 40oC


Meeka Machinery knows how important the safety of crane operators and the people working in a manufacturing unit is. Hence, as one of the most established EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad we provide the safest and most reliable overhead cranes which are long lasting, require less maintenance and are sturdy in design and lifting.

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