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Statistical Facts about EOT Crane Manufacturers that Showcase how the Industry is Progressing

December 7, 2017

According to statistics trade report concerning EOT crane Indian customs shipment export data found on the Planetexim website, we have compiled a list of trends noticeable within the last few years amongst EOT Crane Manufacturers in India and the way in which they conduct business.


The East Asian and Southeast Asian corridor are the biggest importers of EOT cranes manufactured in India. In April 2016, more than twenty cranes were shipped from various ports in India. Out of these Bangladesh was the biggest purchaser, the second being Vietnam.
Saudi Arabia and some African countries are the regions that come next in line when it comes to purchasing EOT cranes manufactured in India.


For the most part, especially within the Asian continent, complete EOT crane suppliers ship complete products. However, the Saudi Arabian and African countries import parts for EOT cranes on a larger scale. In fact, spare parts contribute to a significant portion in the trade relations concerning EOT crane companies. This is understandable as EOT cranes are very expensive and having bought one, one might prefer to just order spare parts instead of getting a new crane any time an issue arises.


According to a study done at SCAL Academy based in Singapore, dangerous incidents associated with the use of EOT cranes have considerably gone down in the past 8 years. In 2009 there were 10 fatalities, while in 2015 there was only 1. Within the same time-frame, dangerous occurrences went down from 22 to 11. The study also found that most incidents occurred due to negligence on part of the crane operator. Operators who were not properly trained or not trained at all were responsible for most incidents. Very few occurrences were due to a failure in the crane’s mechanism.

EOT crane manufacturers

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