How is the Goliath Gantry Crane different from other cranes

July 26, 2017

The Goliath Gantry Crane

The Goliath Gantry Crane, as the name suggests, is a huge crane used to handle extremely heavy loads. Depending upon the load carrying capacity, the goliath gantry crane may use a single girder design or a double girder design. The double girder design is used in heavy duty applications like in shipyards and container depots to handle large, heavy loads. The goliath gantry crane has the capability of movement in all the three axes. Moreover, goliath crane manufacturers like Meeka Machinery ensure the safety of the workers by equipping the load lifting motor with a fail-safe mechanism. In case of power failure, mechanical brakes engage and stop the motor from moving hence, preventing the load from falling down.

Mechanism of the Goliath Gantry Crane

The movement in the lifting axis is carried out by a special high-torque motor mounted on the girders which has a high load carrying capacity. Movement in direction parallel to the girder is carried out by another motor included in the motor casing of the lifting motor. This motor enables the travel of the motor casing in a to-and-fro motion on the girder. The motion in the third direction is carried out by the motor which is mounted on guide rails upon which the entire goliath gantry crane is mounted. Given the large size of the crane, the gantry crane manufacturers assemble the different components of the crane on the site.

Application of the goliath gantry crane

The goliath gantry crane finds application in various industries to lift heavy loads which cannot be handled by other material moving equipment. These cranes find unique application in the shipping industry, automobile industry, heavy machinery manufacturing industry, etc. Specially designed goliath gantry cranes also find application in steel yards, pipe industries, and marble and granite industries. There are numerous goliath crane manufacturers in India who manufacture specialty cranes for unique applications in the industry.

Customised goliath gantry cranes by Meeka Machinery

There are numerous goliath crane suppliers and gantry crane suppliers in India, however it is difficult to find manufacturers who provide customised solutions. Meeka Machinery is one of the top goliath crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad and caters to the unique needs of different industries. Meeka Machinery boasts of a highly-advanced design department which enables them to provide a wide variety of customised solutions to the varying needs of the industry. Meeka Machinery offers a wide range of goliath gantry cranes with a wide range of movement options and load carrying capacities.

For more information about the customised goliath gantry crane and other material equipment solutions contact Meeka Machinery to get a quote for the unique needs of your business.

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