5 Ways to Save Money While Choosing a Gantry Crane Manufacturer in India

November 1, 2017

What are Gantry Cranes?

Gantry crane is used to load and unload heavy shipments and large-scale machinery. These are supplied by the gantry crane suppliers to manufacturing units, shipyards, factories, rail yards etc. These cranes are either movable or immovable – and, a very wise investment for manufacturers dealing in some heavy scale lifting. These are also called “portal cranes” and are often used interchangeably with overhead cranes. However, one major difference between overhead cranes and gantry cranes is – the entire structure of gantry cranes is wheeled whereas overhead ones are fixed.

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However, these equipments are expensive because of the manufacturing material used by gantry crane manufacturers to develop them. In order to ensure maximum returns on your purchase, there are many factors that should be considered.

Important Aspects to Consider while Buying from Gantry Crane Manufacturers in India

Lifting Capacity

A crane with higher lifting capacity would save you a lot of time and manpower. Urgent tasks can be done without the need to indulge in numerous and consistent rounds of loading and unloading. Cost effectiveness should be taken into consideration in such a way – that it forms a perfect balance between quality and time.


The type of wheels which are used to mount the crane – should be able to distribute and balance the load on it – like the cables used by Goliath crane suppliers. For areas where there are infrequent lifts – wheeled gantry cranes with adjustable heights is the most cost effective solution.


Movable or immovable – which type is required for your unit? If you have to lift indoors and outdoors – you would need a movable gantry crane which is affordable, could straddle a semi truck and is convenient to move around.


These cranes have humongous strength but are expensive too. But they are an immensely safe and cost effective way to lift heavy loads where traditional or permanent ones, won’t work – like for lifting and rigging applications.

New or Old

Newer models of gantry cranes are generally expensive as compared to old ones. There are many old and used cranes which are available from gantry crane manufacturers in India, with some repairment costs. That would really make a big difference as far as the cost is concerned.

Meeka Machinery – Your Solution for Buying the Best Gantry Crane

Taisun, Samson and Goliath cranes – these are some of the major full gantry cranes in the world. Honghai Crane, is the world’s heaviest gantry crane – carrying up to 22,000 tons of weight.

Meeka Machinery is into producing some of the heaviest overhead and gantry cranes which are safe, cost-effective and widely established. The wire ropes and hoists installed in these cranes are the safest and most secure option that can be used in different industries. We are also a manufacturer of jib cranes and flame proof cranes – if that is what you are looking for. So, which one are you planning to buy?

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