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The Most Incredible Article About Jib Cranes You’ll Ever Read

July 26, 2017

Cranes are one of the most important types of equipment for machine handling. Overhead Cranes are often thought of as the superheroes amongst cranes and every superhero needs a sidekick. This is where Meeka Machinery Jib Cranes come into the picture. Jib Cranes can supplement large overhead crane systems for your local material handling requirements. These smaller cranes have a versatile area of application and can be used either indoors or outdoors. They offer economical and ergonomically efficient lifting solutions with specific design considerations to fix lifting problems.

Understanding the Jib Crane Design

A majority of jib cranes have three main components:

  1. Masts: These are vertical support structures for the boom or the arm of the crane. They keep the whole structure in place.
  2. Jibs: These are also called booms or arms of the crane. Jibs rotate about the mast and provide movement in a semi-circular or circular arc-like trajectory depending upon crane types.
  3. Hoists: This is the gear which does all the lifting for the Jib. They’re mounted on the boom and travels horizontally back and forth, thus providing a better footprint for movement.

Jib Crane Manufacturers classify jib cranes into two types – Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes and Free-Standing Jib Cranes. Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes, while offering limited range in movement, are more suitable for restricted individual workplaces and provide a maximum range of 200°. Free-Standing Jib Cranes are more liberal with range and provide 360° rotation for the jibs. Apart from these, jib cranes are further typified as Articulating Jib Cranes and Wall-Travelling Jib Cranes.

Selection Tips for Jib Cranes: What you need to know while selecting a perfect Jib Crane for your business!

To increase the productivity of your workplace, it is important to invest in the right jib crane. You should consider the necessity, application and available structure space while selecting a jib crane. Choose a crane with due inspection of its capacity, area of rotation, under-boom height, overall height, working span, power-motor requirement and installation.

Get in touch with multiple jib crane suppliers before locking in on your equipment. It is important to collect all design and safety related information from your jib crane exporter. Meeka Machinery, one of the leading Jib Crane Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, offers the perfect machine handling solutions for your load-lifting needs. Contact us to learn more about jib cranes and all our products directly from field experts!

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