Meeka Machinery USP#3: Types of Hoisting Equipment We Create and Their Characteristics

July 26, 2017

What is hoisting equipment?

In the world of MHE, a device that can both lift and lower loads is known as hoisting equipment. The mechanisms of the hoisting equipment can range from using a drum or lift-wheel with the use of chain wraps or a rope with the help of a hook. Additionally, the variety in hoists also extends to being operated electrically, pneumatically or manually. The use of a chain, wire rope or fiber depends upon the nature of the load.

Types of Hoist
Power Travel Wire Rope

The specialty of this hoist is that neither does it require complicated repairs nor a prolonged downtime. Moreover, the quality of the hoisting gears and hoisting motor along with the rope guide are designed to provide increased sturdiness.

Base Mounted Hoist

This hoist is best suited for shifting loads up and down. Among the various types of hoisting equipment, this hoist offer considerably reduced vibration to provide smoother and stable shifting of goods.

Push-Pull Trolly Hoist

This hoist is limited to instances where the load is not needed to be shifted a lot. Moreover, the hoist is not helpful in turns. However, the sturdiness and the quality of the hoist offer the perfect balance for minimalistic procedures.

Fixed Hoist Suspension

This type of hoist, while being unable to be used during instances where the load has to travel reasonably long distances, is extremely reliable in handling heavy loads while providing a significant level of stability. The bearings of the hoist assist in reducing vibrations during handling.

Flame Proof Hoist

The hoist is the preferred choice of hoist suppliers in India for petrochemical industries. It is built to withstand high temperatures and pressures while handling hazardous material. The hoists are also helpful in mitigating potential fire hazards.

Double Rail Type Hoist for Double Girder Cranes

The hoist is a one-of-a-kind design that offers all the features of standard hoists, in addition to saving on structural costs. Moreover, despite being lighter in comparison, the vibrations during load shifting remain low.

Flexible Trolly Hoist

This type of hoist is the best as far as handling change in direction during load shifting is concerned, which it allows while maintaining a high speed. The hoist also boasts of failsafe brakes to mitigate accidents, making it a safe option on warehouse floors and other places.

Meeka Machinery – A pioneer of diversity in MHE

Meeka Machinery is one of the leading hoist manufactures in India. The assortment of cranes offered by the company caters to every possible need and want of myriad industries. We also offer services and solutions tailored according to specific problems of individual clients. The cranes of the company are designed to provide stability and sturdiness along with low maintenance requirements. Moreover, the customizability of each crane or hoisting equipment is maintained to a high degree, in order to cater to the diverse requirements of a varied clientele.

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