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Meeka Machinery is one of the top Hoist Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

July 26, 2017

An experience spanning over four decades

Established in 1982, Meeka Machinery is one of the top hoist manufacturers in Ahmedabad today. It started off as a material handling manufacturer and supplier, catering only to the local manufacturing companies in Ahmedabad. Some of the types of clients that the company catered to included refineries, steel mills, chemical industries, and packaging industries. Capitalizing on the experience, Meeka Machinery developed newer methods of manufacturing cranes and hoists. Gradually, Meeka Machinery grew to become of the top crane manufacturers and hoist suppliers in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Soon, Meeka Machinery started gaining much more exposure as it started working with multinational companies and government organizations. Through its exposure to larger organizations, Meeka Machinery started developing world-class products to cater to the varying requirements of the multinational companies. However, the experience that the company gained through its local endeavours in Ahmedabad, still act as powerful a foundation for its journey into uncharted waters.

Meeka Machinery’s journey to grow above the rest

The biggest mistake that most hoist companies make is that they don’t learn from their experience. However, Meeka Machinery is one of the few hoist manufacturers which has always learned from its experience as a company. In four decades, Meeka Machinery has gained immense success, not just in the local market, but also in the international market. Through its optimized processes and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Meeka Machinery has evolved as one of the top Hoist Exporters and Hoist Suppliers in the market.

Meeka Machinery – the top hoist manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Meeka Machinery has adopted the best practices in material handling equipment manufacturing for over four decades. Currently, Meeka Machinery is one of the top material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier in Ahmedabad and one of the top exporters of cranes and hoists to UAE and Africa. The experience spanning over four decades enables Meeka Machinery to offer dedicated, customized solutions to its clients. Today, the company has evolved to a level where it can successfully cater to clients like EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies as well as Engineering Consultants. Moreover, Meeka Machinery strives to provide the highest quality material handling solutions through top-notch design software like Solid Edge and the best-in-industry after sales services through the implementation of ERP software.

Further, all material handling equipment manufactured by Meeka Machinery undergoes non-destructive testing procedures to check for the integrity of the machines. In addition to all the safety measures implemented, Meeka Machinery also offers the option for clients to avail the benefits of third party inspection of its equipment by trusted equipment inspection companies like Lloyds Inspection Agency, SGS, DNV-GL, TUV, etc. To find out more about the designing, manufacturing, and quality processes undertaken at Meeka Machinery and to avail world-class, customized solutions for all your material handling needs, contact Meeka Machinery!

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