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Know Why We Love Overhead Cranes (And You Should, Too!)

July 31, 2017

Meeka Machinery: A single platform for multiple overhead crane products

Overhead cranes are one of the most widely used forms of material handling equipment at construction sites and shipyards. These cranes come in different forms, such as overhead EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes and Goliath Cranes. The Electric overhead travelling cranes or EOT cranes have parallel runways with a travelling bridge. The overhead travelling crane runs on an elevated runway system and may comprise of single or double girder bridges, which provide flexibility in hook positioning. Overhead Gantry Cranes are different from other types in the sense that it runs on a track at the floor level.


The process of choosing a crane is done after the consideration of various factors such as how heavy the loads will be, how much money is needed to be invested in the system, how frequently will the crane be used and how the load needs to be moved. One of the main elements of consideration involves understanding where the crane would be needed and choosing accordingly. The overhead crane manufacturers in India like Meeka Machinery offer cranes for different locations and uses.

overhead crane manufacturers in India

Why we Love Overhead Cranes?: Their Uses and Benefits

The main reason behind why overhead cranes are used in a vast variety of industries is the assistance they provide in terms of processing and handling of heavy objects. This activity is carried out in various areas such as warehousing, assembly, transportation, and storage. These types of cranes are used for moving unfinished products in the production process. The overhead crane design allows for increased safety and helps in decreasing the risks of accidents. Meeka Machinery is a top-notch company when it comes to building customizable overhead crane suppliers. The cranes that overhead crane manufacturers like Meeka Machinery offer are customized for improved load control and for eliminating floor obstructions. All the cranes also have their lift capacity specified, which gives an indication of how much load the crane can handle. It is evident that the benefits and the overall customizability of these cranes are the reason why we love overhead cranes.

Avail MHE Solutions from the Best Overhead EOT Crane Manufacturer in the Country

Meeka Machinery is one of the top electric overhead crane suppliers who offer clients with ultimate quality cranes. We have set high standards for overhead cranes in India and ensure that our customers avail nothing but the best. At Meeka Machinery, you can be sure to find all different types of overhead cranes. You can also check out our other products, such as flame proof cranes and Jib cranes. Make sure you contact us for any queries regarding our products.

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