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July 26, 2017

Electric wire rope hoist – an overview

The electric wire rope hoist is used on most of the material handling equipment and finds applicability in different kinds of cranes like Jib cranes and bridge cranes. The power travel wire rope hoists integrate the capability of lifting heavy loads, moving them from one place to another, and the lowering them down at another place. The electric wire rope hoist can be remotely controlled or can also be manually controlled by an operator from near the hoist, depending on the requirements. Remotely controlled electric wire rope hoists are used to carry very heavy loads while wire rope hoists to lift lighter loads can be controlled using attached manual controls. Electric wire rope manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions with different load lifting capacities and different lifting heights.

Electric wire rope hoist – mechanism and mounting

Electric wire rope hoists with high load carrying capacity are usually double rail type hoists while those with lighter load carrying capacity are single rail type hoists. The electric wire rope hoist consists of a heavy-duty motor attached to a drum which helps in winding and unwinding the wire rope to hoist and lower the loads. The wire rope hoists are also integrated with safety control breaks which prevent the sudden lowering of the load in case of power failure. Most electric wire rope hoist manufacturers also integrate constant acceleration and constant velocity modules with the motors to reduce swaying of the load whenever it is hoisted or lowered and also when it is moved around. The electric wire rope hoists are usually mounted on different equipment handling equipment to offer different material handling capabilities.

Applications of electric wire rope hoists

Electric wire rope hoist suppliers and wire rope hoist manufacturers in India also offer a wide range of load carrying capacities for different purposes. Wire rope hoists are used in conjunction with other material handling equipment like bridge cranes and Jib cranes across all industries for heavy and light lifting purposes. Electric wire rope hoists manufacturers also offer integrated material handling equipment for various industries depending on their requirements.

Meeka Machinery – customised electric wire rope hoist manufacturers

Meeka Machinery is one of the top material handling equipment and electric wire rope hoists manufacturers and suppliers in Ahmedabad. Meeka Machinery offers customised solutions for electric wire rope hoists in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Meeka Machinery capitalizes on its design department to provide high quality world-class material handling solutions to all its clients. The design department is equipped with hi-tech design software which helps the engineers in designing and manufacturing the perfect components for all different kinds of wire rope hoists.

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