An Image Displaying the Double Girder EOT Crane by Meeka Machinery

5 questions you should ask yourself before choosing a EOT crane manufacturer & supplier in India

September 25, 2017

EOT Cranes

Electric overhead cranes are a common variety of cranes; they have runways on either side while the gap is occupied by a travelling bridge. EOT cranes offer immense utility in workshops, warehouses, and industrial or mining stock grounds for relocating, unloading and loading heavy loads. The operational nature and structure of EOT cranes make it necessary that they be bought only from reliable manufacturers. However, how can one ascertain whether EOT crane suppliers are reliable or not? Just ask these 5 simple questions:


An Image Displaying the Double Girder EOT Crane by Meeka Machinery


Will the installation be convenient?

In addition to correct installation of the crane, the sheer size and magnitude of EOT cranes makes the need for assistance imperative.

Since, the installation process of the crane is a complicated process, one of the prime features that a EOT crane company should offer is convenient and hassle-free installation.


What about maintenance service?

EOT cranes are reliable but still require periodic maintenance to avoid problems. One should always enquire about the types of maintenance service that a manufacturer/supplier provides with the crane.

In addition to the intricacy and type of maintenance services, the duration and the frequency maintenance service should also be enquired about.

The manufacturer should ideally offer the facility of periodic inspections to determine the various issues that arise from regular functioning of EOT cranes in an industrial setting.


Will the manufacturer provide training?

An EOT crane is a complex piece of machinery with intricate mechanisms. Thus, the manufacturer must provide at least a certain degree of training along with tips for safety and security concerns.

Additionally, tips for adequate handling of the crane should also be entailed to avoid hazards and better utility.


Is the manufacturer reliable?

One of the most important questions that need to be asked while buying an EOT crane is whether the manufacturer is reliable.

One should always research thoroughly about the manufacturer of the crane before buying. With the emergence of newer EOT crane manufacturers in India, one should always explore all the available information before purchase.


Is the manufacturer friendly and cooperative?

Not every characteristic of an EOT crane manufacturer & supplier in India has to be about the cranes. A manufacturer who is friendly and cooperative can be highly beneficial.

If you encounter some issues with the crane, what would you prefer: a person that is cooperative and understanding or someone who does not want to listen and is rude? At Meeka Machinery, we try to be as cooperative as possible and strive to develop a wholesome understanding of your situation before responding.

We believe in establishing healthy professional relationships, which help in the further betterment of future projects.

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