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5 Crucial Inspection Measures Undertaken by Wire Hoist Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

October 24, 2017

Wire rope hoist manufacturers in Ahmedabad-Defining Excellence of Quality

Wire rope hoist is the section of a crane that is vulnerable to wear and tear. Quite naturally, it succumbs easily to the pressures of prolonged usage. This makes it a must that the device is inspected at least once in six months. The safest thing to do here is to entrust it with a renowned company like Meeka Machinery. Wire hoist manufacturers at Ahmedabad are known for their high standards in customer service.

Why Meeka Machinery?

As mentioned above, electric hoist suppliers and manufacturers abound in number. However, if durability and easy maintenance is what you look for in a wire rope hoist device, you will definitely go for Meeka Machinery. You don’t even have to give us a visit. We come to your home and do the work for you.

How we differ from other Electric Wire Rope Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Following are some of the things you can expect from us during the wire rope hoist inspection.

  1. Get to know the operator

We at Meeka Machinery come to your company and have a face-to-face discussion with the operator. This helps us explain what you can expect from us during the inspection.

  1. Our technician establishes a direct visual communication with the operator

Our technician makes sure that the operator is able to understand our commands. This deserves utmost importance because you should not spool off the wire unless you understand what is being communicated. A direct visual communication makes sure that everything works well.

  1. We make sure that you fully understand the time it takes to inspect each section

Inspecting certain sections of the electric hoists may take more time than the others. As a result, there may be delay in verbal communications from the inspector. A lack of understanding or even miscommunication may prove disastrous.

  1. We educate you, the operator

We at Meeka Machinery understand that safety does not come easily. That requires continuous education. During the electric hoist inspection, we help you know the changing safety standards in the industry. This enables you to know what you need to make wise choices in the instance of repair or replacement.

  1. We stand with you at every step

Electric wire rope hoist is a huge investment. We make recommendations that help you keep it safe without breaking the bank.


Fact file: Some of the main problems that can inflict wire rope hoists include kinks, broken wires, cross-overs on the drum, doglegs, drum crushing, tensile breaks and bird cages to name a few.


Visit us at Meeka Machinery, the one-stop solution for all your electric wire hoists requirements! We not only guarantee excellent-quality products, but also stand with you for a lifetime helping you to enjoy it! Do a research online; you will know one thing, Meeka Machinery is synonymous for electric wire hoist in India

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