2 Essential Qualities of Reputed Overhead Cranes Suppliers

July 26, 2017

Your search for overhead crane manufacturers India should end at the doors of extremely reputed overhead cranes suppliers who have a very strong reputation on the market for supplying only the best cranes. But the question is – What are the qualities that you must keep a look out for, if you are searching for manufacturers that are not just good, but very good.

Here are a few qualities that you must keep in mind:

1. Engineering Excellence and Manufacturing Capacity

Before you actually decide to do business with overhead crane manufacturers, you must ideally visit their facility to find out the scope and scale of their operations. It’s important to remember that buying an overhead EOT crane or even an electric overhead traveling crane will mean a significant investment. The least you can do is visit the facilities of the manufacturer who you are buying the crane from.

Manufacturers like Meeka Machinery Pvt. Ltd. have integrated the various departments of their manufacturing facility with ERP software, which means a more seamless manufacturing process and better adherence to the delivery time. What’s more, the best overhead crane manufacturers in the market depend a lot on customization, wherein in-house software is used to design the complete crane and its various components.  This is essentially the mark of a reputed crane manufacturer.

Something else that also matters is the personnel. A manufacturing facility irrespective of the products it is manufacturing needs experts and experienced professionals to ensure things work smoothly. It is the skill sets of the people working on building equipment like the overhead traveling crane that determine the quality of its build, functional excellence and performance. So you must also take a look at the kind of people who are running the show and their qualifications.

2. Strict Adherence to Quality

The quality of cranes whether overhead EOT crane or electric overhead traveling crane or any other crane depends on adhering to strict standards of quality during the making of these cranes.  Some of the tests that are conducted during the manufacturing process include the testing of all incoming steel for its mechanical properties against industry specified properties, ultra sonic testing, hardness test that checks for the hardness of the material after heat treatment process and many more. The number of tests that the crane goes through throughout its manufacturing process determines the quality of the crane.

Meeka Machinery Pvt. Ltd is known for the strength of its manufacturing capabilities and its process adherence to the highest standards of quality. So if you are looking for these qualities in overhead

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